This is what my clients say
Delia is professional and proactive. Suggests clear choices to move forward quickly with the translation based on them. Great result!
Marco Heida
Delia is a fantastic translator! In fact, she not only translates words but also faultlessly senses the underlying intention and/or emotion with which they were written. She offers many alternatives and gives meaningful feedback, which has turned my book into a better version in English than the original Dutch version. In addition, she is just really nice, open and intelligent. I now have her do all my translation work [including poetry and spoken word], and we have a very pleasant collaboration. Highly recommend her!

Dorothée Loorbach

Very satisfied with Delia overall! Delia works really fast and meticulously. Communicating with her is also very pleasant, she responds quickly and provides good input. We will definitely use Delia's services more often.

She does a great job and is alert and intelligent and understands her profession. Provides valuable input; I highly recommend her.


We are very happy with the texts Delia has written for our website. She is proactive and really does her research. She is also very good at capturing your vision on paper. We will definitely work with her more often.

Faery J

Thank you, Delia, for the super collaboration; this translator is top-notch. She also wanted to cooperate and contribute to the best possible end result. Highly recommend her; she really takes her translation work seriously, which is quite rare in these modern times and important for fiction where not only the content and language but also the feel must be preserved. If you, as a customer, can choose, then in all cases, Delia is the best choice as translator/editor. Thanks again.
Leen Lefebre
Brilliant translation, absolutely poetic, creative and inspiring. Fantastic job!


She showed great empathy and understanding for my personal story and I look back on clear communication and thus a smooth cooperation.

Artist's statement

Dear Delia,
In autumn 2021, you translated the book Maisha Safari, written by Laurence Bollen and Mugisha, from Dutch into English. During this process, we noted that the cooperation was very pleasant, timely, and high-quality. The translated book is now being used at human trafficking symposiums throughout the Benelux. Among others, through Universities, Colleges, local radio stations, CoMensha foundation and Lumens, which fights against human trafficking. During this process, we further noticed that, in addition to the expert translation of the Dutch book into English, you were also able to translate according to our needs in order to coordinate with you and correctly describe the sensitivities present in the book.
We therefore recommend you for translation assignments and, more specifically, for books with human trafficking, judicial and security themes.
Laurence Bollen en Mugisha
I rate your work 10/10 because I am very satisfied with the final result. Also the cooperation was optimal and very professional. Excellent! Thank you once again, Ms. Burggraaf.

Dieter Ryckewaert